📣 Stop Arming Israel – Bath Rally

📣 Stop Arming Israel - Bath Rally


April 27, 2024    
12:00 pm


Kingston Parade
(Side of Bath Abbey), Bath, BA1 1LT

STOP ARMING ISRAEL – END THE GAZA GENOCIDE Join us in Bath on Saturday 27th to march for the liberation and freedom of Palestinians from the illegal and oppressive Israeli regime.

We are watching the genocide of Palestinians live on our screens, and still our government continues to give their support and supply arms to israel.

The unchecked 6 month Israeli bombardment on Gaza, attacks on the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria & Iraq and Israel’s provocative attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus that Iran has now reacted to, have unsettled the entire region and made the world a much more dangerous place. The genocide in Gaza and the supply of arms to Israel must end.

This is what we’ll be demanding on the streets of Bath on Saturday 27 April – to continue to put pressure on our government and to show the world it does not speak for us. 🇵🇸please share widely🇵🇸