Bath holds COP27 Climate Justice Global Day of Action (12th Nov 2022)

On 12th November 2022 families joined climate activists at a rally in Bath as part of demonstrations worldwide.

Campaigners gathered in Abbey Square at midday to call for action as world leaders met at the COP27 climate change conference in Egypt. The rally was organised by Bath Campaigns Network with Bath Extinction Rebellion as part of the Climate Justice Coalition.

Children arrived early at the Climate Hub stall to make colourful placards to carry on the march while Bath Extinction Rebellion Samba band rallied the crowd.

Before the march set off, professional dancer Carmen Jones invited young and old to join her in a synchronised dance routine to the hit song, ‘Staying Alive’. This set the tone for a lively and vocal walk around city centre, with chants such as “Keep the oil in the soil and the coal in the hole”.

Speeches were given by senior lecturer in Religions, Philosophies and Ethics Dr Paul Reid-Bowen at Bath Spa University, Bath Extinction Rebellion member Dave Searby, and Bath University Left Union students Alex Whitwell and Harini.

Dr Paul Reid- Bowen from Bath Spa University said: “Albert Einstein said that we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Climate change is not simply a scientific, political or economic problem it is a moral challenge. And it is a moral challenge unlike any that we have previously confronted. We need to step away from magical thinking and economic fantasies. We need to stop trying to negotiate with reality and physics. We need to stop our governments gaslighting us on this.

Dave Searby from Bath Extinction Rebellion said: “The rich countries of the world have caused the bulk of climate change, but it’s the poor counties that suffer the bulk of the loss and damage.  It is time for the supe- rich companies to compensate for the damage they have caused.  We have the technology for a green transition – we just need the political will to get on with it”

Bath University Left Union co-chair Alex Whitwell said: “There are no child oil barons, no teenage heads of state. And yet in response to our cries, our pleas for help so that our children may live – all we have gotten is the responsibility for action flung onto us. Cast aside by prime ministers, presidents all too occupied with catering to moneys every whim. 

I want to clarify, when I speak of generations of inaction, I do not speak of you here today. It is thanks to people like you that we are able to have COP – that there still remains a glimmer of hope glinting in the smoke of the wildfires, in the winds of the hurricanes, in the rubble of the earthquakes, and in the eyes of the next generation.”

Sarah Grimes spoke about a new project being launched in Bath called Ecooperation

“Ecooperation is a new project between the eco groups in Bath. It aims to make our work visible and increase information flows. Most people don’t know there are well over 30 groups in the city, there really is an eco-activity to suit everyone, and what these groups all need most is volunteers”.

Sue Poole spoke about the Climate Hub that will be opening in central Bath next year.

“The Climate Hub will provide space where people can come together to learn about the climate & ecological issues & solutions, to support each other & to do as much as possible to act on the crises together”.

Bath Campaigns Network said: “Global temperatures, rising. Energy bills, rising. Billionaire profits, rising. While people are being forced to choose between heating and eating, energy companies are making record-breaking profits.

Justice won’t be handed to us by world leaders or delivered by corporations. We need to organise in our communities and ensure that not only is no one is cold or hungry this winter but that we stop the headlong rush into climate catastrophe.

The COP Coalition called on communities across the world to mobilise on Saturday 12th November to highlight the need for far greater urgency from our leaders to achieve climate justice for people and planet. Families, organisations and anyone concerned about the future of the planet were invited to join us on the streets of Bath.”


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