Protest for Palestine

Activists hold a banner in front of Bath Abbey, reading "Ceasefire now, end the occupation"

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On Saturday the 4th November, we organised a hugely successful march calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

A crowd of hundreds gathered, with people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to listen to our speakers and spread the demand for a ceasefire in Israel’s war in Gaza and continuing settler attacks and persecution in the West Bank.

They spoke eloquently about the situation and the shameful response of the British political elite- entirely out of touch with public opinion (as demonstrated in multiple polls).

Sadly most spoke from personal experience and the pain of loss and fear for what their own relatives and friends are suffering in Gaza and the West Bank.

After the speeches, the crowd filed out of the square on a planned march around Bath, with many flags, banners and chants as they snaked their way through the city. Drivers honked their horns in support of the march, showing the solidarity of Bathonians in demanding a ceasefire.

Bath Campaigns Network would like to thank the organisers, speakers, stewards, police and others for an orderly and successful demonstration.

Bath Campaigns Network, Bath University Islamic Society and Bath Friends of Palestine will be organising more local marches in the weeks to come with a march planned for Saturday the 18th November (to be confirmed). This weekend they urge people to join the big march in London gathering in Hyde Park at 12pm.