Open Letter to BANES Councillors

As the bombardment and tightening siege of Gaza enters it’s fifth week, millions of people around the world have been shocked and horrified by the immense suffering they are seeing on their screens and by the relentless brutality of the Israeli government towards innocent Palestinian civilians, so many of whom are children and newborn babies.

A ceasefire saves lives. This is an avoidable tragedy with more than 400 people killed by Israel every day.

From the outset, the overwhelming majority of the UK public has supported an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as has the Green Party. Though shockingly late in the day, the Liberal Democrat Party are now also calling for a ceasefire.

But Labour Party leader Keir Starmer still calls for “humanitarian pauses” in the fighting, despite, at time of writing, more than a third of Labour Party MPs, including almost 20 frontbenchers, supporting a ceasefire in Gaza. Moreover, the leadership required MPs to abstain on a ceasefire motion raised in Parliament on the 15th November- putting them completely at odds with the public.

It is time all Labour politicians realise what most of their constituents realised weeks ago, that an immediate ceasefire in Gaza is not only a moral imperative but a political necessity for any kind of peaceful settlement to be reached, which includes the right of all people to live in safety and without persecution across the region.

Unfortunately, the government also does not support a ceasefire, however we call on Conservative councillors to support one anyway as a matter of conscience.

We therefore call for BANES Labour, Conservative and independent councillors to show the courage, leadership and compassion we expect from our elective representatives and to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

We, the undersigned

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45 responses to “Open Letter to BANES Councillors”

  1. Casper Witor avatar
    Casper Witor

    Free Palestine! We as a culture hold onto such a hero complex in the UK for how we fought hard to free other cultures in history, to bring justice
    We cannot let our greed and capitalism win out against genocide!

  2. Sarah White avatar
    Sarah White

    Save the people of Gaza. They are our brothers and sisters. End the death and destruction. Ceasefire now.

  3. Kate Ehrig-Page avatar
    Kate Ehrig-Page


  4. Peter Hall avatar
    Peter Hall

    Peace now.

  5. Raouf Alebshehy avatar
    Raouf Alebshehy

    Raouf Alebshehy

  6. Sally Searby avatar
    Sally Searby

    Sally Searby

  7. Valentina Marconi avatar
    Valentina Marconi

    People of Gaza need peace.
    Stop the genocide and call for a ceasefire now.

  8. George Newth avatar
    George Newth

    Ceasefire Now

  9. Galadriel Ravelli avatar
    Galadriel Ravelli


  10. Mohammed Alruzzi avatar
    Mohammed Alruzzi

    Enough. Ceasefire now.

  11. Kay Hinde avatar
    Kay Hinde


  12. Caitlin Quintin avatar
    Caitlin Quintin

    Caitlin Quintin

  13. Anais Lau avatar
    Anais Lau


  14. Gillian Bebber avatar
    Gillian Bebber


  15. Lucy Maines avatar
    Lucy Maines

    Ceasefire NOW. A pause is just a promise to resume the genocide. Free Palestine.

  16. People will need to be held accountable for condoning genocide. That includes senior politicians.

  17. David Fenton avatar
    David Fenton

    Immediate and permanent ceasefire

  18. Amanda Padamsee avatar
    Amanda Padamsee

    Amanda Padamsee

  19. Signed.

  20. Cat Watkins avatar
    Cat Watkins


    1. John Warren avatar
      John Warren

      Palestine deserves freedom and self determination, an end to the occupation and justice for its people. Stop the slaughter now.

  21. Maryem Chemli avatar
    Maryem Chemli

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  22. Blake Walker avatar
    Blake Walker

    Blake Walker

  23. Sian Francis avatar
    Sian Francis

    Civilians are being viciously targeted and killed in their thousands. It is not controversial to demand that this stop. Neither should it be negotiable.

  24. Ceasefire is the basic and urgent minimum. What people need to strive for is the end to illegal occupation and lasting resolution of the issue.

  25. Karen Hardman avatar
    Karen Hardman

    Ceasefire now. No to genocide.

  26. Madeline Adams avatar
    Madeline Adams

    Ceasefire immediately

  27. Ian Holton avatar
    Ian Holton


  28. Adrienne Preedy avatar
    Adrienne Preedy

    Adrienne Preedy

  29. Nina Hardman avatar
    Nina Hardman


  30. Nicola James avatar
    Nicola James

    We will not forget the politicians who remained silent and failed to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

    Your inaction makes them complicit in genocide.

  31. Kieron Mccarron avatar
    Kieron Mccarron


    1. Eleanor Leiper-Gill avatar
      Eleanor Leiper-Gill

      Ceasefire now!

  32. BEVERLEY HUGHES avatar

    This killing of occupied civilians is no solution. It is immoral.

  33. Grant Ninnes avatar
    Grant Ninnes

    Grant Ninnes

    1. Charlotte Egmore James avatar
      Charlotte Egmore James

      Ceasefire now.

  34. Edoardo Eichberg avatar
    Edoardo Eichberg

    We need a ceasefire immediately to stop further loss of life. Act now please, before we lose more innocents.

  35. Nathan perry avatar
    Nathan perry

    Nathan Perry

  36. Lisa Ghosn avatar
    Lisa Ghosn

    Lisa Ghosn

  37. Alice Georgiou avatar
    Alice Georgiou


    1. Polly Reuter avatar
      Polly Reuter

      Please continue to have the Palestinian Plight on key agendas

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