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Bath Campaigns Network

An activist, grassroots organisation
Campaigning for social justice and climate justice
Building a stronger network across the City of Bath

View down the street of marchers at "kill the bill" protest

The cost of living crisis and the climate crisis are caused by the same thing – an economic system that siphons money to the already rich, impoverishes the rest of us and burns the planet in the process. Across the country – from trade unionists, climate protestors and community campaigners – people are saying enough is enough! And here in Bath we’ve seen a growing interest in our efforts to connect concerned and like-minded local residents and build new and more powerful alliances for support, solidarity and collective action for change.

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  • Help for Palestine

    A list of actions and resources you can use to support the Palestinian people.

  • Open Letter to BANES Councillors

    As the bombardment and tightening siege of Gaza enters it’s fifth week, millions of people around the world have been shocked and horrified by the immense suffering they are seeing on their screens and by the relentless brutality of the Israeli government towards innocent Palestinian civilians, so many of whom are children and newborn babies.…

  • 📣 🚴 🇵🇸 Call to action: Big Bike Ride for Palestine in Bath

    📣 🚴 🇵🇸 Call to action: Big Bike Ride for Palestine in Bath

    Is anybody interested in doing a Big Bike Ride for Palestine in Bath?It doesn’t have to be that big! The Bristol rides have been very inclusive, not at all challenging. They usually do one in Bristol before the rallies and join them after an easy ride round. They go for visibility. The Bristol people can…

  • B&NES Councillors’ Gaza Ceasefire Commitment

    Call to Action and Response Tracker Introduction: In response to the critical humanitarian crisis in Gaza, unequivocally characterised as genocide and ethnic cleansing, a growing coalition of Bath organisations fervently calls for a permanent ceasefire. This appeal was presented in a statement (embed below) during the Bath & North East Somerset Council meeting on 30…

  • Christmas Vigil for Palestine

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  • Protest for Palestine

    On Saturday the 4th November, we organised a hugely successful march calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. A crowd of hundreds gathered, with people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to listen to our speakers and spread the demand for a ceasefire in Israel’s war in Gaza and continuing settler attacks and persecution in the…

  • Bath holds COP27 Climate Justice Global Day of Action (12th Nov 2022)

    Families joined climate activists at a rally in Bath as part of demonstrations worldwide to call for action as world leaders met at the COP27 climate change conference in Egypt.

  • Enough is Enough – Bath Stands Up (1st Oct 2022)

    Local film director Ken Loach joined hundreds of local protesters including trade unionists, climate activists and local campaign groups at an ‘Enough is Enough’ rally and march on Saturday 1st October in central Bath. It was part of a National Day of Action which saw thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life…

  • Our thoughts on transport policy

    This policy document is the current draft (23/04/2022) of our position on transport policy, both locally, nationally, as well as more widely. These documents are always under discussion and feel free to contact us on hello@bathcampaigns.org.uk. To deal with the climate emergency we need to drastically reduce the number of fossil fuel powered vehicles on…